Where Is Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Patriots?

December 12th, 2011 @ 23:41:14

Late 2011 we saw a brand new game that would be introduced into the Tom Clancy series, Tom Clancy Rainbow 6 Patriots, however since then it seems to be evading the press and not appearing anywhere, not even at E3.

[youtube id="7QVy5XwtDpU"]

This is the target gameplay footage we saw at the end of 2011, and while it wasn’t actual gameplay footage it still served as a presentation of what the game would most likely look like and i surely liked it. Once the reveal “gameplay” trailer was released, there was also a teaser trailer that was revealed at the VGAs which at the end presented the date 2013, which made me look forward to more information on the game however throughout the whole year nothing came out.

What served to be the most shocking this year was not the fact that nothing came out again at E3 2013 but it was the fact that a new Tom Clancy game, Tom Clancy The Division, was shown instead.

[youtube id="njfj6KwEAfg"]

Now there are two possible things that could have happened, either the game was scraped and replaced with The Division, Two Tom Clancy games obviously couldn’t be released in the same year and The Division was further along in production that Patriots therefore it got priority or Patriots got scraped which seems the most unlikely to me due to the fact that it had a full reveal in GameInformer therefore it would be pretty odd that the game wouldn’t come out or at least that we didn’t get any news on it getting dropped.

So where is Patriots now? All we know is that the game will now be next-gen but we still don’t have any actual gameplay footage. At Least we have the Division to look forward to which looks very good.

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