FFXIV: A Realm Reborn – Leveling Guide

Your starting zone in Final Fantasy XIV adventure will depend on your choice of class. You may find yourself in any of the any of the zones below:

  •  Limsa Lominsa –Arcanist and Maurauder
  • Gridania – Conjurer, Archer and Lancer
  • Ul’Dah – Gladiator, Thaumaturge and Pugilist

The above zones will apply for the first 15 levels of the game. The levels are aimed at teaching you the fundamentals of the game. The Main scenario begins from here and should take you to the end play. However, you will lose your advantage of having the Main Scenarios guiding you, if you select a job. If you reach the 15th level while still maintaining your campaigns, you will experience the real adventure. At level 15, you will be able to tour the other three continents. Here, you will meet up with other players in Dungeons.

Few tips before you begin with leveling:

  •  Having some money allows you to buy food hence receiving 3% xp boost.
  •  The first 15 stages do not require purchase of weapons and armor. This allows you save on expenditure.
  •  Keeping in touch with your Main Scenario ensures that you are able to unlock the airship’s quest hence leaving the start of level 15.
  •  Ensure that after every 5 levels you check with Class quests for Armor and Weapons. In order to use quest to unlock the armor and weapons, you have to finish Solo Dungeons. You may also be able to permanently upgrade your skills.

Levels 1-5

Level 1 to 5 is basically familiarization of the town. It involves taking quests in the town, unlocking Aethernet points and obtaining your Class Guild.

Tip: Using the Guild to do your quest line enables you advance your Class Skills much faster

Level 3

Level 3 is set around the country outside your starting town. Here, you can pickup quests from checkpoints and villages. You can as well do F.A.T.E.s and grind in order to get xp.

Tip: Always aim at getting F.A.T.E.s that are in the same level or slightly below your level. This will give you more xp as opposed to going for F.A.T.E that is levels higher than you.

Level 5

In this level you can access your hunting log through a quest. This level also provides a lot of xp. This will be beneficial in later stages since you will be ranked highly in Grand Companies hence acquiring weapons and Armor.

Level 6-15

You should still continue with Main Scenario in level6-15.The adventure will enable you get more Class Guild quests and Campaign that will unlock the Hunting Log at Level 5. Finding and killing mobs in Hunting log takes a lot of time. However, you also gain xp. At level 10, you will get Guildhests and Levequests.

Tip: You get extra xp points after completing a section of Hunting log.

Levequests look similar to F.A.T.E.s, but are more flexible as compared to killing mobs. During the quest, you may have to find lost items, kill a mob or mini boss, or escort something or someone through risky zones.

Tip: you need to a work fast due to a timer. There is a limited number of Levequests available daily. Nonetheless, you can accumulate them for future use. Levequests also provide xp and Gil.

Guildhests enable a person enter through hooray and Duty Finder. Every 5levels beginning from level 10 gives you access to two Guildhests. You also get huge xp and Gil the first time you gain a Guildhest.

Recommendation For Maximum Leveling:

  •  Ensure you are up to date with Main Scenario. This will help you avoid backtracking in a bid to catch up.
  •  Perform as many F.A.T.E.s as possible
  •  Do a few side quests except during the initial quests in the city. Leveling your sub classes does not offer you any xp. You may therefore need side quests to break the grind of Hunting logs and F.A.T.E.s and improve xp gain.
  •  Minimize the use of Levequests or Guildhests in your primal class. You will require them to improve xp gain in your substitute classes.
  •  F.A.T.E.s, Main Scenario, Hunting logs and a few side quests are sufficient enough to help you reach level 15-16 easily.

Level 16 to 20

If you have religiously adhered to your Main Scenario until level 15, you will be travelling all over the world using different Main Scenario quests.

You can change your initial class with a secondary or alternative class. This will enable you get a job through the Class Guild. This point also enables you to begin the quest line. Swapping your class returns you back to level back to level 1. You will then have to advance to level 15 through your Main Scenario. Changing your armor set and weapons also enable you to swap classes.

Tip: Avoid doing quests in new cities except for your Main Scenario. This is because you will require the quests in leveling your substitute classes.

Main Scenario will take you to the first three Dungeons. Level 15-Satasha, level 16-Deepcroft , and level 17- Copperbell Mines. Though looking simple, these levels can be quite challenging.

Tip: You need to talk to the NPC located at the door to unlock the dungeon’s door the first time you do Dungeon. Once opened , you will be accessing the dungeon door through the duty finder. The Duty finder can be operated in a group or as a solo player.

Basic grinding strategies are no longer necessary during leveling. This is because xp is good, drop rates are favourable and instances are also repeatable. It is important not to forget to proceed via Hunting logs and your Main Scenario.

If you have to make use of your side quests, Guildhests and points, do not forget Levequests.

Going through Main Scenario, provides additional instances at level 20.One instance will be available at Main Scenario (Bowl of Embers),while another is accessed through a side quest at White Sands (Halatali).

Tip: Finishing Bowl of Embers will offer you Chocobo much later in Main Scenario.

Optimal Leveling recommendation:

  •  Repeating dungeons helps minimize monotony of using quests and grinding F.A.T.Es.
  •  Keep up with Hunting logs and Main Scenario
  •  Perform many F.A.T.E.s
  •  Minimize the use of Guildhests, Levequests and side quests. You will need them during leveling substitute classes.

Level 21-25

Main Scenario helps you choose Grand companies. It is important to do some research since each Grand Company has various items that will be ideal for various classes.

By choosing a Grand Company, You will be able to use an array of Hunting logs unique to your Grand Company ,and also new quests and xp will be available.

You may as well buy your own Chocobo by selecting a Grand company. You can train Chocobos to fight by your side in case of danger other than for mounting.

Tip: You require Company seals to buy Chocobo, Grand Company Quests, F.A.T.E.s and Hunter logs.

Tip: South Shroud and East Shroud 9 Gridania area are the best areas to grind F.A.T.E.s.

Level 23 gives you access to another instance, Thousand Maws of Tot-Rak. This instance is the only one within level 21 to 29.It is important to keep updated on the class quests.

Optimal Leveling Recommendation:

  • Keep up with Hunting logs and Main Scenario
  • The more F.A.T.E.s you perform the better.
  • Do not gather too many Guildhests, Levequests and side quests. You will need them during leveling alternative classes.

Level 25-35

Following Main Scenario is still recommended. You should also make sure you collect any Guildhests, Levequests, F.A.T.E.s, and Hunting logs.

At Level 29, you can do your instance at Haukke Manor. This instance is more difficulty as compared to the earlier instances. This instance comes with amazing gear and good xp.

Level 30 enables you get a Job. This is a more advanced class. To qualify for the job, you need to have leveled a sub or alternative class. To get the job, you have to finish your Class quest at level 30.Doing so , opens the quest for the job. Having the Job also enables you swap jobs and classes. You can also get multiple jobs.

You can get a quest for training your Chocobo for combat. The Feisty Little Chocobo is a side quest which you may get at South Shroud(camp Tranquil).

Level 32 gives you access to Brayflox Longstop. The level has amazing drop rates, good xp and also a remarkable run. This level is all about strategy and teamwork. The level also provides a fine instance.

Tip: Ensure to keep updated on the Class quests.

Optimal Leveling recommendation:

  •  Limsa Lominsa (Eastern La Noscea) is the best region to grind out your F.A.T.E.s.
  •  Performing the leveling as a group is more effective. A group of 6 to 8 people is appropriate
  •  Teleporting from city to city increases xp gains.
  •  It is nec
    essary to identify FATEs. There are some FATEs which offer more xp. A F.A.T.E known as “cancer” or “ It is Not Lupus” offers 4 times the xp gains available in other F.A.T.Es.

Level 35-40

Level 35-40 offers few FATEs, this makes the level much slower as compared to earlier levels. It is necessary to get back to your Main Scenario. At the Main Scenario, you will faceoff with Titan in Trial Lord of the Crag. The fight setup is quite similar to that you had with Ifrit earlier on.

The next Dungeon at level 35 is Sunken Temple of Qarn. This Dungeon requires the application of multiple strategies in order to complete. The dungeon is complex and requires good technique.

Level 38 also gives access to another Dungeon known as Cutter’s Cry. This dungeon is much easier compared to Sunken Temple. It can also be skipped, however, if you are lined up with Uldah Grand Company, you will have to face off with the mobs found in your Hunting logs.

Tip: Keep an update of your Hunting logs. This is necessary for class quests and extra xp.

Your hunting log as well as Main Scenario will take you to a new location known as Certhas. This will serve as your home in level 40 to 45.

Recommendations For Maximum Leveling:

  • Make sure your Hunting logs as well as Main Scenarios are updated.

Level 40-45

Level 40-45 brings a person back to grinding F.A.T.E.s. Sticking to your Main Scenario should make your experience much better. The grinding up of your F.A.T.E.s takes place in Coerthas. A three section F.A.TE. consisting of “The Flight of savara”, “The Fight of Savara” and finally “The Fall of Savara” offers very impressive xp.

Level 41 opens up the first dungeon in this level. “The Stone vigil’ although not being very hard will without question keep you on the edge.

Level 44 gives you a chance to get a quest from Grand Company. You will use the quest to move forward in your ranking. Your Main Scenario will take you to a big fight, The Howling Eye-Garuda. The quest will guide you through the 2nd and last dungeon prior to the last grind referred to as Dzemael Dark hold.

Tip: It is advisable to delay the instance available in this level until you reach level 45.You will then be able to use Artefact gear you will get from Class quest.

Optimal Leveling Recommendation

  • Keep up with Hunting logs and Main Scenario
  • The more F.A.T.E.s you perform the better.
  • Do not gather too many Guildhests, Levequests and side quests. You will need them during leveling alternative classes.

You will need to finish three new 8 man dungeons.

Level 49: The first dungeon, Cape West wind is easy to complete.

Castrun Merianum is the second dungeon, it is more difficult than Cape West wind.

Level 50 : The Petoriul is the final dungeon in your main Scenario. It is a combination of 4 consecutive bosses and the last two dungeons.

Completing this dungeon gives you access to all End Game Content, rest of Armor, and final leveling.

The above guideline should make your approach to the game much easier and user-friendly. The game should not only be challenging, but also fun and enjoyable.

I hope you have understood and have enjoyed the FFXIV leveling guide and we wish you good luck with your leveling, be sure to have  a strategy and never just jump right in.