5 Most anticipated games of 2013

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1.Brothers  : A tale of two sons: Known for its creativity in the genre of fairy tales, Starbreeze Studios is all set to bring in Brothers : A tale of two sons which is different from the usual mini puzzle solving games without impressive storylines.  Xbox fans have already got this game at hand and the Playstation release is all set for a September 3rd launch.

2. Batman : Arkham Origins : Batman franchise has expanded a million times and Batman :Arkham origins is another proof of that. After much success of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, this latest installment in the batmans series tells the story of a much younger batman who goes through hell by falling prey to a group of assassins on a Christmas eve. Batman’s favourite characters like the Penguin and bane are a part of this installment which ensures one thing : this is one game not to miss out on

3. Call of Duty : Ghosts : So many versions of Call of Duty have been released that one would think that the franchise has had enough. But each time they come up with something far more better. With extreme action, upgraded graphic engines and US no longer the main superpower, this call of duty is set to take the gaming world by storm.

4. Watchdogs : Being a Ubisoft fan I’m dearly waiting for this games release. Set in an urban background with the main character being the ever so charming Aiden Pearce and his ability to hack into any electronic device is highly intriguing. Add to that stunning visuals and breathtaking stunts, makes this game too much to wait for.

5.Thief : Another remake of a classic game, thief is definitely making a lot of noise in the gaming circuits. With features such as various methods of pickpocketing,  choice-driven gameplay and a brilliant new stealth world this game is sure to be a delight for PC gamers all across the globe.


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