Agent Easter Egg Found in GTA V ?


A Neogaf forum member found an Easter egg in grand theft auto V.


We know that you can design custom license plates, but this particular license plate is from one of the missions in Grand Theft Auto V, and guess on what car – ASTON MARTIN DB5 – most famous James Bond car.

In case you didn’t know Agent is stealth action game set in cold war, and will take players and players will experience world of counter intelegence, espionage and political assassinations. Developed by Rockstar north, and it’s exclusive for PlayStation 3. Game is  In july Sony announced that Rockstar working on new project exclusive for PS3, details of the project were not announced until June 2009. Rockstar says that Agent will be something spectacular,and it’s going to be very cool. It’s going to push the edge, and it will be genre defining game . We still didn’t hear much about this game, and maybe Rockstar wanna show us that Agent is indeed in development.




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