Fake Curse Client Threatens Warcraft Players


Blizzard has revealed that the malware used to gain account information off players in World of Warcraft stemmed from a fake Curse client. The problem which players are finding is that the fake client looks real and will work like the official Curse client but infact it is fake and stealing your information. The Curse client is downloaded from a fake website which looks like the real Curse website, this is due to the site ranking high in certain search engines.

If you feel that you have been compromised or want to know whether yours is genuine, best thing to do is to run a scan on your system with a program called Malwarebytes and that will detect any malicious malware on your computer, if you do find that your Curse client is infected, remove the malware, and change your password immediately on your Battle.net account.

If you have been compromised and you are locked out of your account, then do not panic, all you need to do is click here and Blizzard will do their best to get you back playing as soon as possible.

With more and more MMO’s out there you have to ask the question whether these kinds of tricks will be more and more common, unfortunately I think it will be more common, since when a game has tons of players it is quite easy to trick people into giving you account information just by making a site look official and sending them to it.

The tip for you is to make sure that any site you download any game related files off is the correct site, look at the address is that the real address, look for little tricks like curse.net.net or curse.co.co or something that doesn’t look quite right, also make sure any files you download you scan before you run, that is very important.

Have you been infected by this bit of malware or do you know someone who has? Let us know

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  1. I have battle.net account and same issue malware issues were around me. I dont know what is the best malware program to detect it. But I re-install my window then was able to ascape from the problem. Anyways good read.

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