Grand Theft Auto V: Worth the wait

Rockstar games is all set to bring in Grand Theft Auto V on 17th September 2013 for PS3 and XBOX 360. One of the most highly anticipated games of the year and more so because of the popularity of the GTA series created by Rockstar North of United Kingdom.

For the first time in the series, the story is told by three player-controlled protagonists. All three have their unique abilities, personalities and different backgrounds. All three work together in several missions to accomplish common goals. Michael the cool and smart one rapples down buildings and slows down time in shootouts. Franklin is the cover provider with the help of a sniper gun and Trevor attacks everyone with his super-powerful attacks. The lives of all three are different and when left on their own, each lives a separate part. Once you decide it’s time to switch back to one of them, you find a different variety of situations you can be in.

The gameplay has been taken up a notch or two as compared to GTA IV. The jobs assigned are far more dangerous and require planning from the beginning till the end. Gunplay provides for more flexibility and has an option of the player running freely while shooting. This version automatically detects when the player is in combat and assigns a jogging mode. This has to be one of the best new features of the game really! The arms and ammunition have also been given a facelift. You have an option of buying different colored guns, silencers to silence gunshots, long range runs to fire from greater distances and snipers to kill with just one shot.

Moving around never looked any better with the player having an option of customizing cars and optimizing the car’s performance levels. Auto shops let you add different graphics on your cars, paint them differently, tint the windows and take car customization to a whole new level. The performance levels can also be changed by changing the tyres, brakes and other features. One more thing which might get you excited is that car’s are not the only means of transport in GTA V. You have jet skis, bicycles (much to the delight of GTA San Andreas fans), parachutes, scuba diving gears, helicopters and boats.

All this and a multiplayer option as well! Isn’t that just cool? You bet it is! The multiplayer option is labelled Grand Theft Auto Online and allows multiplayer gaming. With such a plethora of amazing features who wouldn’t want to grab a copy of this as soon as it comes out? I know I’m going to get mine! Are you ?!

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