GTA Online: Unlimited RP, DNS Codes for Modded Lobby after 1.09 Patch


A few days back Rockstar rolled out the latest patch 1.09 for grand theft auto online. They also took down online while they performed maintaince by cleaning out hacked money. However, it seems the latest patched version is still open to hackers.

Video footage uploaded to Youtube shows hackers taking advantage of new glitches and being able to access the Special Edition and Collector’s Edition DLCs, atomic blimp DLC, God mode or invincibility, fast level-up cheats up to level 300, cheater pool bypass, bad sport bypass, increased vehicle selling price limit, increased passive mode price to dump excess cash, new character tune-ups, infinite money hack, access to Christmas content and more.

As well as racking up millions in the bank easily, users have also found a way of increasing RP by 25 points which could mean reaching level 200 quickly and easily. All that is required is that  you access to the in-game mission, Rooftop Rumble and during this mission, the your required to deliver the documents to madrazo’s house and hover of the marker but not landing.

In order to access the mission you have to be atleast level 75.

Do you think Rockstar will ever get GTA online hacker free? Will these problems still exist in update 1.10? Do you think they have missed there chance and lost dedicated fans already? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. No hackers won’t be stopped, the same guys who fix it are the guys who break it. Job security.

    On a slightly different topic…who the heck are you to insinuate that hackers are not dedicated fans? Just because we enhance our gaming with our own works doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the game. I mod games because it is to much of a waste of my actual life to sit there and play a game for hours on end. I’m a grown up, I’m smart enough to edit my games so that I can have what I want…I paid for this game and everything in it already. Why should I have to pay for the company who sold it to me to nickel and dime me. This game was not a free download, so how can you charge me twice for stuff I paid for? Why should I have to do missions for four hours to earn a million dollars, or pay the $19 I believe it is for a million bucks of GTAo$$? All I had to do was a few minutes of file editing and bang i’m off having fun, which is what I paid to do. it’s what the game was advertised as. As a fellow “cheater” once said…I work and scrimp and save in real life, why would I do that in a video game? There’s cheats in Single Player, yes….but who will take my picture while I do a backflip in my supped up sanchez? Who will attack me with a tank? who could stop me when im in a tank? I think I can have a few cars, but who the hell am I going to race? Single player is fine…for when your internet is down or the game is in maintenance, but MP where the fun is…and that’s why Rockstar thinks its ok to make prices freaking asinine compared to in SP, $25K for a horn really…., ammo is expensive and if you die you could loose all your ammo and gun for what ever weapon you were holding.

    If you ask me I’d say Rockstar are the ones cheating. If you say anything negative about them on their social club newswire the will suspend your commenting privilege and not ell you…just leave you with a “Failed to fetch comments. Please try again.” All I even said was that they are greedy. It is true, that game was the best selling thing of all time, $700m in the first day I think it was….fastest ever to a billion dollars for sure. The CEO terry Donavan got paid $2.8m in total comp….Why cant that be good enough. I make way less than that a year and I don’t feel the need to squeeze my customers dry lol. I guess I have veered off course a tad to much and I just want to say that cheaters cheat because it’s unfair how games want to consume all of your time; money; and dedication. I have played every single GRAND THEFT AUTO title from the beginning and have supported Rockstar from the early days, I have been allowed, neigh, ENCOURAGED to cheat and steal in every single one of these games. There have been cheats inserted in the game deliberately from the first one because they know its what people want. Now they use that to exploit their faithful followers and are biting the hand that feeds them.

    The next Rockstar game will not be as successful as this and may possibly fail if the developers don’t pay attention to how many unhappy customers they have.

  2. I would die for some dns codes , I’m rAnk 9 and have literally 30 dollars , please email me back

  3. plz i beg u for dns codes email me some plz

  4. Who needs dns codes?

  5. Robert Matos says:

    I need dns codes my legit money got stolen so I had to use codes I even lost my cars

  6. I can’t agree more with modded_hero I don’t have hours a day to make a few thousand and will not pay twice once I’ve already purchased the game. They had banned me and set me back to rank 1 and -2 billion rep is there anything possible to reset this back to atleast 0 and I’ll just re level. I hate not having my contacts or house.. It’s really gets me to the point I just wanna sell the game.

  7. jeremy c. says:

    That guy is right on the money. That is the way I feel about it all to. But they keep on biting.

  8. Mateo Salazar says:

    Uhh need dns code I am rank 20, i wish rockstar would make easy way to rank up!

  9. i would die for a dns code that gives rp and money, i just need to be level 100 so that i can get the rpg and im really poor to, please email me back

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