SimCity Offline Mode – Coming Soon!

Simcity Offline Mode

A post on the official SimCity blog just minutes ago has announced a feature that many wished was included 10 months ago with the games release. OFFLINE MODE!!!

Patrick Buechner, General Manager of the Maxis Emeryville studio “I’ve wanted to say those words for quite some time, so my apologies that I didn’t take the time to say Happy New Year first.”

I bet that something many SimCity fans wanted to hear, but is it too late?

Patrick then continued “Yes, Offline is coming as a free download with Update 10 to all SimCity players. When we launch it, all of your previously downloaded content will be available to you anytime, anywhere, without the need for an internet connection. We are in the late phases of wrapping up its development and while we want to get it into your hands as soon as possible, our priority is to make sure that it’s as polished as possible before we release it.”

The good news is that any DevTester will get offline mod before anyone else. “So, until then… testing, testing and more testing. As one of the final steps, we’re putting Offline into the hands of some of our most hardcore players, the DevTesters. This group of volunteers is going to put Offline through its paces before we release it.”

For those that purchased SimCity upon its release, will you return to the game with this update? Do you think  an offline mode coud have been pushed out sooner?

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