In The Sun (UK) 79% Choose PS4 Instead Of Xbox One

the sun ps4 vs xbox one poll


According to an online poll by well-known UK tabloid, The Sun the PlayStation 4 is winning by a landslide in the UK too.

The poll says that in an online poll hosted by The Sun, “79% of gamers will buy a PlayStation 4 over Xbox One”, this follows the amazing amount of positive press the PlayStation 4 has been receiving in comparison to the Xbox One, which still has a few things it needs to either clear up and confirm or completely change such as its used games policy as well as information on what happens if you were to be banned on Xbox Live.

As someone who lives in the UK, it certainly seems that Sony is pushing for a great UK release especially with its recent advertisements in the championship final. While the Sun is not really the most reliable of all sources (i mean, just look at it, it is pretty biased towards the PS4) , it still shows up the triumphant popularity of the PlayStation 4 over the Xbox One.

Another thing to note is the Release Date of the PS4, which is pencilled at November 21st, the same date as the Xbox One’s release date. Previously the release date was simply noted at Holiday 2013 however it is a possibility that the release date is true which just shows how much Sony plans on challenging Microsoft. While the Sun is a tabloid therefore meaning that you should take the information with a grain of salt, it is the best selling newspaper in the UK therefore it could be true.

View the paper below:

the sun ps4 vs xbox one poll

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