PS4s Number Of Developers Has Jumped A Crazy Amount


The number of developers who will be working with the PlayStation 4 has jumped exponentially, which shows just how much interest there is in Sony’s next-gen platform.

According to a Sony Corporate PDF file “Since February 2013, the number of developers joining has increased from 126 to 505.”, many of these developers being Indie devs who are loving what the PS4 platform offers in comparison to the Xbox One. This is because Sony will allow indie developers to publish their games to the Playstation 4 independently unlike the Xbox One which requires indie developers to partner with a publisher before it appears on their platform.

The date of February 2013 is extremely significant due to the fact that it was the month in which the PlayStation 4 was unveiled towards the media and the public for the first time.

Indie support for the Playstation 4 is evident due to the large amount of indie games currently in the works for the console such as:

  • Blacklight: Retribution (Zombie) – PS4
  • Contrast (Compulsion Games) – PS4, PS3
  • Pinball Arcade (Farsight) – PS4
  • Warframe (Digital Extremes) – PS4

The PDf file continues to say that:

Furthermore, from SCE Worldwide Studios, more than 30 titles, including 12 brand new IP, are under development, including Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, inFAMOUS: Second Son, #DRIVECLUB and The Order: 1886.*1 Out of over the 30 titles under development, 20 titles will be available within a year from the PS4 launch.

With Sony having a great E3 and garnering a large amount of support overall from gamers, developers and journalists, you can expect this amount to continue to rise as the PS4 gets closer and closer to its launch date which is currently pencilled at “Holiday 2013″


  1. Nuno Vidal says:

    A++ Sony – F++ Microsoft..

  2. thats the same amount as any system

  3. dpüpüm says:

    20 titles within a year from the PS4 launch!!!! I actually thought MS won because of games but now they're dead. Sony got it all! I didn't expect this really… I'm surprised. I mean 20 exclusive titles ONLY from SCE developers!!!

  4. cubs223425 says:

    A great E3? Not really. Their demoes were riddled with crashing and inconsistent hardware performance, so it's hard to say that it was a "good E3," let alone a great one. It's just that people have overblown the things Microsoft revealed to such a great extent that people forget the issues Sony actually faced with its demoes.

    That's not to defend Microsoft's actions (many of them bother me), I just want to leave this reminder that E3 was all-around terrible, and no one had a great conference.

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