StarCraft Universe receives the go ahead


StarCraft Universe is being created by a fan of the franchise and is developing a free-to-play MMO which is based around Blizzard‘s real time strategy game.

The project was put onto Kickstarter to reach $80,000 and has subsequently reached $81,956 which was a big relief for the developer, although it has been reached and it is now certain to be released the developer Upheaval Arts has not stopped there and has told Kickstarter backers that if $100,00 more is put onto the project then a Zerg character class will be added into the game.

For StarCraft fans this surely is the news everyone has been waiting for, we all knew it was being created but to finally receive some concrete confirmation is surely a positive thing for any avid StarCraft fan.

The StarCraft Universe will be set in a similar reality where the Wings of Liberty “has a grim conclusion” for Kerrigan.

StarCraft Universe will be a third-person MMO and will feature an “epic story” with multiplayer raiding. Upheaval Arts has surely pulled all the stops out with this one and is surely going to win a lot of the StarCraft fans over with this project.

The StarCraft Universe will have many nice features for the avid gamer such as mounts, voice-acted cutscenes and four difficulty levels.

The confirmed Terran classes include the following, Marine, Medic, Ghost, Firebat; while the confirmed Protoss classes are Dark Templar, Zealot, Preserver and High Templar.

In order to be able to play StarCraft Universe users will have to have a active account and a copy of the StarCraft 2 game in order to play.

Please Note: Users with the free Starter Edition of StarCraft 2 are eligible to play.

Upheaval Arts will be looking to ship the game in late 2013 – early 2014.

So, with this in mind, we ask you StarCraft fans, will you be playing this?

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