Bioshock Infinite: The Review


Set in 1912 Bioshock Infinite is a first person shooting game that tells the story of agent Booker Dewitt who is sent to Columbia to find a young woman by the name of Elizabeth who has been kept hostage for most part of her life. The flying city of Columbia gives you several combat challenges and allows you to solve puzzles in more ingenious ways.

The game gives the player an ability to explore and see Columbia as a tourist as well, in between all the killings and exploring. The player keeps gaining weapons as he goes along in the game. However, only two weapons can be carried at one time. You gain powers by using vigors which can be found all around Columbia. The early bottles just allow you damage enemies but it gets more and more interesting as you keep drinking more. In totality you get eight vigors and all of them are free. Abilities can be tweaked with Gears like pants that allow you to mysteriously reload or even explode from greater heights.

Once Booker finds Elizabeth, he must work with her in order to escape from Columbia. Elizabeth does not take part in the battles but she plays her part by helping Booker by looking for ammo, weapons, salts and health packs. The player does not control Elizabeth as she reacts to what the player does and this gives an impression of the game not being a day-to-day escort mission.

All the biggest fight sequences take place in huge open spaces giving the player a lot of space to move around. Metal sky rails are also a part of the game which have been ingeniously placed. These are roller coasters, completely inverted! They give a complete uplift to the game as when you want to hide or run away from an enemy, all you have to do is jump, grab hold of a magnetic wheel gizmo and dangle away to where the roller coaster takes you. You can zoom away to a different spot, switch rails in between or land on boats.

The graphics of the game leave you spellbound at every step and even when you are wondering what’s going on and why am I doing this, the graphics will make you forget everything and keep you enraptured by the sheer beauty of everything. The story and its ending has had many different reviews but you have to play this game to form one of your own and mark my words: once you are done with this game , you will be far from disappointed.

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